Catching Up

In the two months that have passed since the last post here, much has occurred. To be more specific...

Tumalo in Maymorning along Tumalo Creek in a valley carved by ice

May Powder: fresh snow in the Cascades

Lava Plains: rambling above and below ground in the high desert

Twenty-one and a half miles: three days on a river back of beyond

Clear Lake: spring by a spring-fed Cascade lake

Lemolo Falls: glimpsing wild and untamed wonder in the Cascades

Burgess Falls: an evening along the Falling Water River

Ball Butte: snow, summits, and wildflowers in the landscape surrounding Broken Top

Southern Coast: two wonders along Oregon's most dramatic section of coastline

I now consider myself to be caught up. On to the next!

Chaney Swiney

Bend, Oregon

Naturalist, Photographer, Cartographer