For Sale

Photos and maps: two types of projects that have consumed great portions of my free time over the last few years. Nearly every adventure I've taken has included my camera, and day after day of staring at maps hung on my walls inevitably turned to inspiration for cartographic creativity. I've spent hours upon hours (days upon days, really) processing photos, writing stories of explorations and filtering through my images for appropriate illustrations. I've sunk afternoons and evenings into map ideas just for the fun of it, to see how a certain style looks or whether a subject would make a worthy print. All of this, I've done because I simply love the processes. Hiking and photographing, mapping and designing: these are pursuits I'll never tire of. Mapping gives me an excuse to imaginatively explore a landscape, while photography gives me yet another reason to hit the trail and see it with my own eyes. If neither of these personal joys, maps or photos, ever made me a cent, they'd still be worth the time.

But, why not try to make a cent?

Today I'm launching a store here on the Great Smoky, selling prints of some of my favorite photos and map prints highlighting some of Oregon's finest landscapes: its Cascade lakes and peaks. The maps are more geographically focused on my current home, Bend, than the photos for now, but oh do I have grand designs in mind.

Check out the map and photo pages, and should you feel inclined to make a purchase, be sure to use the code HELLO30 for 30% off!

And, of course, stay tuned...

Chaney Swiney

Bend, Oregon

Naturalist, Photographer, Cartographer