Eclipse comp.jpg

I shy away from superlatives and hyperbole as much as I can. When making a statement, I want it to ring true and not be diluted by previous associations. That said, I have never seen a sight so astounding and magnificent as what took place in the sky over Oregon on Monday. Nothing compares. It was a wonder on a plane of its own, etched into my mind with the clarity of the sharpening shadows that preceded totality. From start to finish, as shown in the image above, the eclipse was awesome in the truest sense of the word. As Muir said, "This grand show is eternal." I would argue that Monday was far grander than average, when the Sun, the Moon, and our eyes were perfectly aligned.

Catching Up

In the two months that have passed since the last post here, much has occurred. To be more specific...

Tumalo in Maymorning along Tumalo Creek in a valley carved by ice

May Powder: fresh snow in the Cascades

Lava Plains: rambling above and below ground in the high desert

Twenty-one and a half miles: three days on a river back of beyond

Clear Lake: spring by a spring-fed Cascade lake

Lemolo Falls: glimpsing wild and untamed wonder in the Cascades

Burgess Falls: an evening along the Falling Water River

Ball Butte: snow, summits, and wildflowers in the landscape surrounding Broken Top

Southern Coast: two wonders along Oregon's most dramatic section of coastline

I now consider myself to be caught up. On to the next!